When we relocated from California, my family chose to move to the Minnetonka school district specifically so my son could continue his Spanish Immersion experience in kindergarten. He is now a 4th grader at Groveland and his younger brother is a kindergartner. While a very specific program drew us to this area, I now feel fortunate to have my kids able to attend school in this district where students are provided a multitude of strong academic, support, and enrichment opportunities. 

After attending Stanford University for my master's degree in Education and teaching license, I taught high school chemistry and advisory at one of Stanford's professional development partner schools in California for 12 years. During my tenure there, I took on additional roles such as the district science coordinator, an instructional coach, and the professional development and technology coordinator for my school. When we moved to MN, I did transfer my teaching license but decided to be a full-time mom for the time being so that I would be more present for my own children and have the time to be active in the school and broader communities.


  • MA in Education from Stanford University

  • 12 years of teaching high school chemistry and advisory in CA, plus district and school leadership roles such as science coordinator, professional development coordinator, and instructional coach

  • Minnetonka in-district volunteer activity through classrooms and PTA committees

  • Have worked in the district as a Homebound Instructor 

  • 2 children who attend school in-district and are involved in a variety of sports in the community (baseball, soccer, basketball, swim team)

  • As a family, we have taken advantage of many community education offerings:

    • After-school and summer enrichment such as LEGO league, Junior Engineers, piano lessons, chess, Nature Learners, and summer camps

    • Recreation, such as Tiny Tonka soccer and t-ball, and gymnastics

    • Events, such as the Tonka Mud Run and Youth Triathlon