Why should you vote for me?


  • Our primary obligation as an excellent school district is to guide students to become well-rounded humans who are prepared for whatever path they choose after high school. To facilitate that process I will do the following:

    • I will work to continue offering a large variety of academic and extracurricular programs that meet the needs of our diverse student body and help all students feel connected to school

    • I will push to examine data around wellness, including at the elementary level, to determine where more support is needed and how we can be more proactive in combating mental health issues.

    • I will strive to make sure our students are challenged at their appropriate learning levels and have access to enrichment and/or support as needed. Where there are gaps in achievement, barriers to learning need to be identified and addressed

    • I will actively work to make school a safe and inclusive space for our students, where diverse viewpoints and backgrounds are not merely tolerated but celebrated, and all students see themselves reflected in the curriculum and overall school experience

  • I will advocate to serve our students the healthiest meals possible. We should fuel their brains using local ingredients and minimally processed foods when possible and need to recognize that, for some students, the meal they receive at school is their main source of daily nutrition

Community building

  • I will work to attract and retain the best staff for long-term employment by examining hiring practices and  ongoing teacher support, and by ensuring current staff voices are an integral part of the district conversation. 

  • I will look for additional ways for the community to interact with the school board, including exploring ideas such as student representative school board members, drop-in hours for stakeholders to stop in and chat (virtually or in-person), study circles or focus groups comprised of community members for high leverage issues, and a digital format for citizen input

  • I will promote civil discourse and respect between the district administration, the school board, the school staff and students, and the community at large. We must model for our students how civic engagement should work to create change in a constructive manner

  • I will continue the ongoing discussion regarding ideal enrollment numbers that will sustain research-supported optimum class sizes and appropriate use of school infrastructure, as well as provide the revenue to allow us to continue providing excellent academic and extracurricular programs.


  • My decision-making process, recommendations, and votes on board items will be data and research driven and will also draw upon my own background in teaching and educational leadership

  • While I believe the board should work to build consensus, I don't think every board vote needs to be unanimous and will ultimately vote for what I deem best on issues

  • I will work with other board members and district administration to analyze data and identify areas of improvement within the district in order to generate and measure progress on district goals

  • I will consider input from students, teachers and staff, and the community at large about concerns or decisions faced by the district (see some ideas for facilitating this in the community building section)